How to Make Money with International Trade

I have just released a brand new course called Contract Commander.

The course teaches a relatively unknown business which generates $250,000 per year (averaging $20k per month).

It has nothing to do with the usual boring Internet Marketing or MLM or Affiliate stuff. This is totally different. My guess is, you probably haven’t considered it before.

You can get started with no capital and you can also do it in your spare time. 

You would be dealing in “contracts” and making deals. This will net you thousands of dollars in relaxable income.

You can read more at my new website:

Below this video, you’ll learn what I do along with a few others, who make hundreds of thousands of dollars from a relatively unknown business.

The stuff I do is not the usual stuff you come across online every day. I’m not involved in any type of Internet marketing or MLM program. In fact, I’m not involved in anything which involves doing lots of work and seeing poor or no results, and ends up making you frustrated or depressed.

Yet, this business spits out an average of $20,000 every month if I’m being conservative.

You don’t even need to work every day and you can continue doing whatever you are already doing while this takes off in the background. 

The best part is, you don’t need any money whatsoever to get started. You don’t need to pay for tools or memberships or databases or advertising. You can get started for nothing and yet make far more than you could using the standard online books and courses. 

I am a contract manager. Here’s what I do in a nutshell. 

I check a list of buyers from a ready made database, free of charge. These buyers are looking to buy large quantities of a particular commodity or product. They are looking for a good reliable supplier to supply them at the best price and with the best conditions.

So I contact these buyers instantly and offer to find the product for them at the lowest possible price, and I would do this free of charge.

After they give me the green light, and no buyer really says no, I go and find a suitable supplier from another ready-made database. I check to see if any of these suppliers can fulfil the buyer’s requirements at a price acceptable to the buyer.

When I find a supplier who is ready and willing to supply the buyer, I negotiate my fee for the hook-up and connect the two of them together. Once the deal is complete, the supplier sends me my commission which is usually thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But that’s just the beginning.

Anyway, read the letter below in detail to learn more about my business.

I have created a course called Contract Commander which teaches this business from A to Z, and will get you instantly started along with me.

The only thing you will ever need to pay for is this education. There are no other fees to get involved in this field.

So do read every paragraph of the letter below because you will discover some insights which will help you immediately.

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